Refrigeration Technicians Needed at GEA GRADE, Saudi Arabia

Job Type: Full Time
Location: Saudi Arabia + 1 other location

About the Company:
GRADE is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Refrigeration and was established in 2006 as a joint venture between ADEAREST (TIG) and GRASSO (GEA) to engineer, design, install, and maintain refrigeration systems and components to its vast customers and clients in the MENA region. With offices in United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the company specializes in contracting and supply of Industrial Refrigeration, delivering unique solutions for refrigeration need, among others in food processing and storage, ice block production, ice creams and dairy industry, cold stores and rooms, slaughtering houses, fish storage and processing, concrete cooling, pharmaceutical processes, etc. major activities rendered by the company are consulting, installation, repair/service/maintenance, engineering, commissioning. The company ensures that ecologically friendly and environmentally sustainable materials are adopted as alternatives to HFC’s to prevent increasing cases of global warming and Ozone depletion. Natural refrigerants have been in use for over the past one century and GRADE believes that natural ammonia and carbon dioxide will be the best for the future in achieving environmentally friendly environment.
Job Description/Duties
• Carrying out preventive and operative maintenance activity at the screw and reciprocating compressor.
• Participate in the commissioning of ammonia industrial refrigeration plants.
• Inspection and debugging/troubleshooting of industrial refrigeration plants.
• Delivering excellent customer services and maintaining an excellent relationship with customers.
• Documentation of customers system status.
• Ensure full compliance with GEA GRADE policies, procedures.
• Comply with all safety standards and processes.
• Conduct training and provide support to customers
• Ensure timely report to the service manager
• Perform other functions as may be assigned from time to time by the service manager or other superior officers.
Job Requirement
Interested applicant should:
• Possess a minimum of 5 years relevant working experience in ammonia industrial refrigeration
• Possess relevant educational qualification in refrigeration technology or mechanical engineering.
• Be able to communicate effectively in English language (read, write, speak and read). Ability to communicate in Arabic will an added advantage
• Not be more than 40 years of age as at the time of application
• Be able to understand and analyze technical documents.
• Have a good understanding of reirrigation products

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