Entry Level Field Engineer Jobs at Halliburton, UAE

Job Location: MN4 Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate
Job Type: Permanent
Job ID: 76075

About Halliburton:
Halliburton Company is a leading oil field service company providing services in more than 70 countries. with headquarters in Houston and Dubai, it offers a broad range of products and services to organizations operating in the upstream oil and gas sector. The middle east headquarters offers four strategic functions which include reservoirs, technical, challenges and operational. Halliburton offers equal opportunity to all applicant irrespective of race, religion, colour, disability, marital status, gender, nationality.

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About the Job:
This opening is for individuals with a burning passion to innovate, achieve, lead and grow with the organization. Halliburton attracts and retains talents by investing massively in training, and other empowerment programs to enable its employee to develop their career. This position will offer you the opportunity to work under supervision with the leading provider of energy products and services in the global market. Halliburton offers competitive compensation and welfare packages

This position is for entry-level into LWD job family and will require one to work from the field.
• Provide on-site supervision of LWD (Logging While Drilling) process, tool, Quality Control to ensure quality services are delivered to customers.
• Use basic engineering knowledge and skills in performing assigned duties.
• Render technical and operational support to external customers.
• Provide third man support in subordinate role.
• Maintain and update the inventory of equipment
• Supervise the movement and return of equipment to and from the well site.
• Advise on repair or maintenance of equipment.
• Updating of the database for ongoing projects
• Prepare job ticket
• Daily preparation of report.

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Job Requirement:
• Possess the necessary educational qualification
• Possess relevant certificate in offshore safety.
• Must undergo and pass company test
• Must possess good written and oral communication, data entry skills.
• Be able to interpret and read directional surveys, formation well logs, diagrams, flowcharts and other information.

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